Christa Folkers

Vice President, Leadership Development & Culture


Christa Folkers is the Vice President of Leadership Development & Culture for Sequoia Consulting Group. Christa’s background is in the successful management of large teams, primarily at the executive level.  As Senior Vice President of Recruitment at AMN Healthcare, Inc., she led her team of over 150 salespeople through the acquisition of 5+ companies and the transition from being privately owned to becoming publicly traded.  Her commitment to maintaining a culture of transparency, support and excellence resulted in a highly productive team who consistently exceeded expectations. She is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching and now specializes in leading clients to recognize the unique individual strengths of team members, and maximize the productivity of the organization and team.  She obtained her Strengthsfinder Coaching certification in 2017 and has been creating and working with Strengths-based organizations ever since. Christa is passionate about fostering a culture where individuals are seen and valued for their unique contribution and where everyone has the talent, skills, resources, and training to support the overall mission of the organization. Christa loves to spend time with her two teenagers and husband. Her interests are reading, yoga and traveling, and she is wise, insightful, caring, and committed to quality. Christa is a talented, no non-sense executive that cares deeply for those she works with.