Analytical Laboratory

Every stage of development comes with its own testing expectations and challenges. Sequoia’s Analytical Laboratory team specializes in analytical method development and validation, ranging from early preclinical testing through late stage development and commercialization. Our team members are experienced with pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device GMP and GLP regulations, and will help your Analytical Development and Quality Control teams create methods that provide reliable results in a stage appropriate manner.

Our Sequoia team includes experts in the fields of small molecule analysis, enzymology and nucleic acid chemistry. With experience in basic research, pre-clinical testing, clinical trials, commercialization and product maintenance, Sequoia Consulting Group is available to assist in all of your analytical challenges. Our services include:

  • Laboratory Optimization
  • Method Development/Optimization
  • Method Validation
  • Instrument IQ/OQ/PQ
  • SOP Generation
  • Training
  • DOE Study Design
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“Our on-site Sequoia team has impressive breadth of background and great presence. The team members are sharp, while at the same time, incredibly easy to work with. I am full of gratitude for this team.”  Sequoia client
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